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About Us

Value property is an Investment and advisory firm specialised in real asset. Real estate investment practice is our innovative approach to maximising value and returns in property investment for our clients; among asset classes. And the team has completed a significant number of real estate projects and transactions for clients in direct real estate assets for investors.

Through our Value Property product offering channels, we offer a strategic combination of market intelligence and networks in the industry with access across markets to maximise yields. We also engage in thinking outside the box for innovative ways to achieve set investment objectives for our clients.

Value Fund offers the opportunity for real estate investment to fund projects including buying properties for selling or renting to provide projected returns on investment to clients. 

Core Values

Clarity: Our tailored approach addresses your unique needs in relation to property investment strategy, duration, technology, layout and location.

Insight: We endeavour to make timely decisions to stay ahead of uncertainty and the volatility in the economy.

Growth: We adopt options that significantly contain inflationary trends and mitigate loss of value to investments by providing returns in assets that serve as “value bank” opportunities to our clients.

Transparency: We engage the services of industry leading professionals to provide high standards in transparency and protection of our client’s assets.


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