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The real estate industry provides a tremendous value chain for varied interests within the housing ecosystem. This is available for our vibrant teeming population to leverage for competitive steady income flow.

The real estate industry provides varied opportunities for participation in the robust value chain, as is the case for real estate buying options, specifically in our Micro-mass retail opportunity. This is available for our vibrant teeming population to leverage for a competitive steady income flow in our “Value Agents” Programme.


This is a unique product offering giving dual opportunities to the buyer through running an enterprise mainly or as a side hussle with debt-free home ownership as a by product or on or before 3 years while maintaining a steady monthly income. Growth and stability in modern times have been tied to the principles of partnerships, coalitions, and collaborations. This product is built on leveraging the synergy driven by the collective of participants in this scheme, powered by the ­­foreign component.


These are the new professionals in the housing eco-system bringing their skills to bear (after 12 weeks of intensive training) in specific areas in the housing value chain to enjoy steady income flow for stability. These skills could be technical, management, financial or other proficiencies to unlock value as service providers. A full training under this scheme offers options for career development or business development based on the interest of the individual. It holds quite some promise for tremendous reward, sustainable growth and fulfilment.


This is  designed for participants based on trade, which makes the global economy go round. Significant levels of procurement, supplies, and inventory of lead items and other subsidiary items make for effective project delivery in the housing sector.

The dealer programme provides a window of participation for interested persons and entities to access the substantial cashflow tide to grow their business interest with comparatively low amounts of seed capital for significant revenue and growth opportunities.

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