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Transaction Fact

Value Property Trust Fund.

Type: Value hybrid Fund
Underlying Asset: Real Estate. Elite Luxury Apartments Lekki, Eti, Osa 
Fund Size: N275m
Offer: 550,927 units
Price: N500/unit
Minimum: 100 units
Subsequently: 10 units
Structure: Equity/Debt.
Redemption: 36 months
Basis: Free entry, free exit (T&C apply)

Category A:

Debt Component:

(Value Accelerator with Definite repayment plan)
(Classified units)

+ Standard: N250,000,

+ Classic: N500,000,

+ Premium: N1,000,000,

+ Platinum: N5,000,000.

Daily repayment value: N0.7305k/unit.

Category B:

Equity Component:

Rate: 13.5% p.a. 3 year cycle @ 40.5% RoI.
(Regular units).

Trustee: Emerging Africa Capital Ltd.

Promotion window: 45 days.

Promotion start date:
1st August, 2020.


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